Steps and plugs for pipes

Sizes: Φ14, Φ16, Φ18, Φ20, Φ22, Φ25, Φ28, Φ32, Ф50 / Ld-Pe See

Plugs Square pipes

Sizes: 15x15, 20x20, 25x25, 30x30, 35x35, 40x40 / Ld-Pe See

Rectangular plugs

Sizes: 30x20, 35x20, 38x13, 40x20, 60x30, 60x40, 80x20, 30x15 / Ld-Pe See


Sizes: 25х15, 20х20, 30х20, 40х20, 30х30....60х60, 60х40.... See

Other products

Batten holders, washers, bushes, legs, handles and more. / Ld-Pe See